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EA introduces Tweetports

EA introduces Tweetports

EA is proud to announce Tweetports 1.0.  Tweetports are state-of-the-art interactive Twitter/Google Maps fishing reports.

Asian Carp Watch

Asian Carp Watch

Educated Angler is posting all available information tracking the status of the fight to keep Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes in a new forum on the Educated Angler message boards.

Fishing Mentors

Fishing Mentors

As a group, the anglers of the world are comprised of people of all ages and from all walks of life. For some it is a sport for recreation and relaxation to be enjoyed on occasion.

Are you ready for Spring Fishing?

Are you ready for Spring Fishing?

I’m not talking about whether or not your tackle is cleaned and properly organized, your rods are spooled up with fresh line, or that your boat is shiny and clean.

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Asian Carp Watch

Top Story

'Carp czar' defends government response

The federal government is committed to keeping Asian carp out of the Great Lakes and is putting a strategy in place as quickly...

Cox Appeals in Asian Carp Case

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox today announced his office has filed a notice of appeal from the first preliminary court...

Anti-carp bill awaits president's signature

Legislation to help stop the spread of Asian carp to the Great Lakes crossed a final legislative hurdle Wednesday, passing...

Officials spin findings on Asian carp

Science is supposed to be unbiased. Yet recent developments on the Asian carp front demonstrate how politicians and industries...

GLFC Lauds Canada's Plan to Assess Risk of Asian Carps

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission today praised Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea for launching a major initiative...

Post Hearing Memo Submitted

Don't expect Asian carp czar to leap into action

Testimony Today in Asian Carp Suit to Show Urgent Threat to Great Lakes

Great Lakes to Get Their Day in Court

Thousands of Jobs Hang in the Balance as Asian Carp Found Past Barriers

Asian carp found downstream from Lake Michigan

Asian carp fight moves closer to Lake Michigan

Attorneys general contend government failing in Asian carp fight

Cox Blasts Army Corps for Inadequate Action to Combat Asian Carp

Van Hollen says Asian Carp Legal Battle Not Over

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Top Story

EA introduces Tweetports

EA is proud to announce Tweetports 1.0.  Tweetports are state-of-the-art interactive Twitter/Google Maps fishing reports....

Walleye Smackdown 09 Results

Thanks for a great Walleye Smackdown 2009.  What a great turnout and of course a fantastic fishery yielded limit catches...

Fishing Mentors

As a group, the anglers of the world are comprised of people of all ages and from all walks of life. For some it is a sport...

Trolling Strike Indicators

One of the most common questions I hear when taking greenhorns trolling is “How do you know when we get a bite?” For...

Are you ready for Spring Fishing?

I’m not talking about whether or not your tackle is cleaned and properly organized, your rods are spooled up with fresh...

Port Basics: Ludington

Walleye Smackdown 2009

Fishing the Walleye Smackdown '07

Big Fish Bash '07

Clarkin' the Little Dandy

Push to Shove: Combat Fishing Tips

Michigan's Best Fall Chinook Fishing

Walleyes after Dark

The June Challenge

Keeping the faith

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Top Story

Sportfishing Industry Applauds EPA’s Decision to Reject Lead Ban Petition

The sportfishing community commends the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson for its...

British Columbia Sees Largest Salmon Run In A Century

Sockeye salmon are making their run up the Fraser River in numbers not seen since 1913. More than 34 million salmon are reportedly...

Grand Haven to launch second phase of municipal marina improvements

With the aid of a state grant, the city of Grand Haven is planning more improvements to the municipal marina on the Grand...

Commercial, sport anglers spar over Lake Michigan trap net fishing

Representatives of a coalition of sport fishing and wildlife federation groups Monday night said they want to see commercial...

DNRE Proposes 73 More Miles of Gear-Restricted Trout Streams

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment proposes to classify an additional 73 miles of streams under Michigan’s...

A lot of work ahead in Michigan oil cleanup

Gov. Jennifer Granholm blasts effort to clean up Kalamazoo River

Michigan Governor Warns of Oil Spill Threat

Crews Scramble To Contain Michigan Oil Spill

Michael Bachus identified as man killed in Manistee County charter boat crash

Wisconsin Sportsmen Back Ban on Lead Sinkers

State releases 325,000 coho salmon into Grand River

Fatal fish virus now in all of the Great Lakes

2 sentenced in UP for fishing with illegal nets

Manistee gets $329k grant to improve fishing access

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Top Story

Stuffed Mushrooms

2 blocks cream cheese 2 teaspoon garlic powder 1 lb italian sausage 1 1.2 cups parmesan  cheese 4- 5 big packages of...

St. Jude's fishing tournament gives VIP treatment to kids with cancer

During her time spent at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, eight year-old Greta Goszkowicz of North Muskegon...

Brown trout caught off Racine certified as co-world record by IGFA

The International Game Fish Association has certified the 41-pound, 8-ounce brown trout caught by Roger Hellen off Racine...

Ludington Offshore Classic Update

The Ludington Offshore Classic committee and the Ludington and Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce are making some changes...

Boat in fatal capsizing snagged net

A boat that capsized in Lake Michigan two weeks ago — causing a fatal stress-induced heart attack for one of its occupants...

Fisheries leaders cheer reports on Lake Michigan Chinook salmon

Lebanon sixth-grader's big catch

Lawmakers need to angle for more Great Lakes protection

Mich fisherman sues state to keep, sell walleye

Record Brown Trout Caught in Manistee

Two Rivers, Manitowoc could benefit from marine sanctuary

Authorities Search for 4 Missing Fishermen on Lake Erie

St. Clair Fishing Dying From Bacteria

Man could be fined for big catch on the Grand River

Mini field at Mini-Classic

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