Community Inbox
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Friday, 30 January 2009 14:38

The advanced Private Messaging (PM) feature of Educated Angler 3.0 allows members to communicate privately with other members.  The system is much like any other mail system and conversations are threaded together so they are easy to keep track of.

Writing a PM is easy:

  1. Click the Write link.
  2. Either pick a name from your friends list and add as recipient, or type the member's name in the To: box.
  3. Fill in the Subject: line and then type your message in the Message: box.
  4. Click Submit when you are done.  That's it.

Incoming PMs will be indicated in your My Info box on the homepage or in your Profile homepage. If you have notification turned on, you'll also get an email indicating that you've received a PM.  Simply check your inbox. New messages will be indicated by the New button highlighted in green.  Simply click on the subject link to open it.

Community Friends
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Friday, 30 January 2009 11:03

You can either click the Friends menu or pull down a selection from the Friends menu and go directly to that function


  • Show All
  • Search
  • Invite Friends
  • Request Sent
  • Pending my Approval
Community Home
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 15:03

Clicking the Community menu brings you to the Community Homepage.

Community Menus


Recent Members are displayed by their avatar. Placing your mouse over the avatar will pop up information about the member, and clicking on the avatar will take you to that member's profile.  The members list is in no particular order and is randomized to produce opportunities to see people you haven't before.

Recent Activities lists everything going on with your friends network. Shortcut links allow you to go check out what your friends have been doing.

Search provides full textual search of the community.

New Photos from you and your friends.

Who's Online shows your friends currently online.

Community Applications
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Friday, 30 January 2009 14:03

The applications page allows you to manage what applications are included in your profile

Core Applications

Included in the set of core applications:

  • Groups
  • Latest Photos
  • Video
  • Friend's Location
  • Message Board Updates
  • Walls
Community Profile
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 19:36

This is your profile homepage.  The profile provides access to all of your community related information.

Understanding the header.  At the top of the header you'll notice the edit icon on the right. This allows you to change your status within the community:

  1. Click the edit link.
  2. Type your status, e.g., Polishing spoons.
  3. Click the save link.