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Written by Greg Houtteman   
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 19:36

This is your profile homepage.  The profile provides access to all of your community related information.

Understanding the header.  At the top of the header you'll notice the edit icon on the right. This allows you to change your status within the community:

  1. Click the edit link.
  2. Type your status, e.g., Polishing spoons.
  3. Click the save link.

Community Panels

Below your status you will see your community panels - points, groups, friends, photos, activities.

Profile Header

Points: The Educated Angler points system uses a karma points system which awards points based on activity within the community  Currently the points break down as follows



Add New Discussion 2
Add New Friend  1
Add New Group 3
Add New Photo Album 1
Join Group 1
Leave Group
Post Group Wall
Post Wall 
Profile Status Update
Reply Discussion

Groups: Displays the # of groups you are a member of and when you click it you go to your group list.
Friends: Displays the # of friends in your network and when you click it you go to your friends list.
Photos: Displays the # of photos you have uploaded, and when you click it you go to your photo manager.
Activities:  Displays your # of community activities.

Below your Community Panels

Edit Profile

This is obvious that you can edit your profile, but there are some important things that all members should put in their profiles when editing.  Please add your

  • City/Town
  • State/Province
  • Country

These profile fields are useful because when properly filled out they will automatically populate Google Maps with your Place Mark so that all of your friends will be able to look you up on their own Google map.

When your done just click the Save button. Please keep your profile up to date.

Change profile pictures

This is very easy.  Click the Browse button and find the desired picture you'd like to use as your profile picture. Once you've found it, double click on it.  Now all you have to do is click the Upload button. The system will upload and resize the image for you automatically.


You can control who can see your information.  Keep in mind access DOES NOT give the ability to change information. It simply allows the people you designate to see your Profile, Friends Network, and Photos.

Public - Everyone has access.
Site Members - Only members who are registered and logged in have access.
Friends - Only those members in your friends network have access.
Only me - That's right just you have access.

Emails and Notifications

Systems Emails - do you want to receive notifications by email when members join your groups, post discussions, or perform other communities?

Email Private Message - when you get a Private Message, do you want email notification?

Applications - For applications that are part of your profile like wall posts, if you find yourself getting messages you don't want feel free to turn these notifications off.

Add Applications (see Community Applications)

Start New Group (see Community Groups)

Invite Friends (see Community Friends)

Write Message (see Community Private Messaging)

Upload Photos (see Community Applications)

Applications View

Below all of the menus are displays of your information such as:

Recent Activities - What you and your friends have been up to lately. This is very useful because it's automatic communication.  For example, if a friend has loaded some new photos, that action will appear in the activities list so you'll know to go check them out if you're interested.  No mail had to be sent; no one had to remember to tell you; it's just there.

Groups - Quick list of the groups you are in.

Latest Photos - Hmmmm .. wonder what this one is.

Videos - A list of videos with access to the video manager.

Friends Location - This is pretty cool right here.   As you add friends that have filled out their city, state, country profile data, they will be placed automatically on the Google Map.  If you click on a Place Marker (they look like stick pins), it will list what friend or friends are in that location.  This map is a full blown Google map, so you can zoom in and out, place satellite imagery in it, and drag it around to move from place to place.

Message Board Updates - This will list your most recent posts.

Walls - You can put general comments in here for people to read - stick it to the wall.



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