Community Inbox
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Friday, 30 January 2009 14:38

The advanced Private Messaging (PM) feature of Educated Angler 3.0 allows members to communicate privately with other members.  The system is much like any other mail system and conversations are threaded together so they are easy to keep track of.

Writing a PM is easy:

  1. Click the Write link.
  2. Either pick a name from your friends list and add as recipient, or type the member's name in the To: box.
  3. Fill in the Subject: line and then type your message in the Message: box.
  4. Click Submit when you are done.  That's it.

Incoming PMs will be indicated in your My Info box on the homepage or in your Profile homepage. If you have notification turned on, you'll also get an email indicating that you've received a PM.  Simply check your inbox. New messages will be indicated by the New button highlighted in green.  Simply click on the subject link to open it.


In the example above the original message is at the top followed by the reply. Any number of replies would be included in this message thread as replies are traded back and forth.  At the bottom you can add a reply by typing your message in the box and hitting the Add reply button. This will insure the message stays connected to other messages in the thread.

You can also delete any segment of the message thread to keep the important parts.


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