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Written by Greg Houtteman   
Saturday, 31 January 2009 11:04

At the top of the Messages Boards are the menus that control the various views and functions for the boards.

  • Recent Discussions
  • My Discussions
  • Categories (default view)
  • My Profile
  • Rules
  • Help

Recent Discussions

The Recent Discussions view will show you posts that have had recent activity given a selected time frame. They are listed with most recent topic first.  You can change the time frame for the list by making a selection from the pull down menu just above the post list. The options are as follows:

  • Month
  • Since Last Visit
  • 4 Hours
  • 8 Hours
  • 12 Hours
  • 24 Hours
  • Week
  • Year

My Discussions

The My Discussions view will show you topics in which you have posted. They are listed with the most recent topic first.

Categories (default view)

The Categories view, listing all of the categories and sub-categories for the entire site, is what you will first see when you enter the Message Board.

You can collapse any main category within this list by clicking the - (minus sign) in the right corner. Expand a collapsed category by clicking the + (plus sign).  Notice that you can also collapse/expand most parts of the message boards, including your profile information, online member list, and forum stats.

You can click the main category title to see only the sub categories associated to it.

My Profile

My Signature

Your main profile is the one you have entered in the Community (see Community Profile), but you can edit your message board signature using the My Profile settings.  A signature is the picture or text that shows up underneath each of your posts.  If you have an appropriate graphical signature, you can embed it in your signature by using the BBCode [img] command.  For example:

[img size=350][/img]

There is a Personal Text field that you'll see when editing your profile but this has been overridden by your status in your Community Profile.

Look and Layout

  • Preferred Viewtype - Flat view is the traditional view with post after post. Threaded view is like an old style message board where replies are indented and connected with lines.
  • Preferred Message Ordering - First post first or Last post first.
  • Hide Email - yes/no - the default is yes and we suggest keeping it set that way.
  • Show Online - Show your online status yes/no.

My Subscriptions

Manage the status of the threads to which you are subscribed.

My Favorites

Manage the status of threads you have marked as your favorites.

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