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Written by Greg Houtteman   
Saturday, 31 January 2009 16:11

Making a post is easy. You can start a new thread or you can reply to an existing thread.

Subject -  Fill in a subject for an original post. If replying, the subject will be filled in already but you can change it if desired.

Topic Icon - Select a topic icon if desired. Use the exclamation point for alerts, the question mark for questions, or any others as needed, but a topic icon is not a requirement.

Message - Type in your message in the large text box. You can use the Boardcode helpers to format things within the text window,  For example, if you have some pictures in a gallery that you would like to embed in a post, it's not necessary to upload them again. Just put them in the text as follows:


If you put your mouse over the Boardcode tag you're thinking of using, Img in the example, there will be an example tip shown. If you click the tag, it will insert itself with default values set.  You can also put the text in you want. Select it using the mouse, and then click the tag you want and the message boards will automatically wrap it with the associated boardcode.

You'll notice some specialty Boardcodes. For example, you can use the eBay tag to embed an eBay item number and get an embedded eBay description of the product, or the YouTube tag to embed a video.


[video type=youtube]vd1aobFoy3w[/video]

Image - Click the Browse button and select an image file. Keep in mind that images can't be larger than 800 x 800 and 2MB. (If you have larger images, you can upload them to the gallery and then use the URL supplied by the gallery to embed the image).  Once you have selected a file, just click the [img] button next to the Browse button. When you submit your post, the Message Board will automatically upload the image and insert the appropriate Boardcode.

Subscribe - You can click the subscribe check box to have yourself notified about replies to this topic.



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