Video Add
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Sunday, 01 February 2009 16:05

Add Videos page will let you add YouTube videos to the Educated Angler video library.

Find the desired YouTube video that you'd like to add. From the YouTube player you'll see two fields, URL and Embed. Select the URL field and copy the entire link into the Input Link of the Add Videos page.  Once you have pasted the link, click the Apply button.

Once you have applied the link you'll be presented with a screen that has extracted all of the YouTube information for the video. Feel free to modify any of the information including

  • Title
  • Details
  • Tags - add search tags that might make it easier to find when people enter searches, for example) king salmon, sturgeon bay, playinhooky
  • Category -select the appropriate category for the video
  • Publish Status - Make sure to set this to yes if you want the video to be seen
Once you've changed things to your liking and clicked publish, click the Save button and it will be categorized and added to the video library.
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