Walleye Smackdown 2009
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Friday, 23 January 2009 15:15

The 2009 Educated Angler Walleye Smackdown will be held June 5-7th, 2009 at Toledo Beach Marina near LaSalle, Michigan The tourney will be held on the 6th, as well as the fish-fry.

Mark your calendars and get your crews organized and plan on making the trip from wherever it is you call home. We'll be posting details regarding hotels, amenities, contest, picnic, fish-fry, etc. etc. over the next few months, so keep your eyes on this thread. In the past, the Comfort Inn off of La Plaisance Road in Monroe, Michigan has given us a "fisherman's special" on room rates, and I will double check with them to make sure that it still applies.

Many will be fishing for more than just the weekend, so feel free to make plans to fish as much as you can handle. A few of us will be around Toledo Beach everyday starting on Monday through the following weekend. Toledo Beach Marina is located on Michigan waters of Lake Erie, but Ohio waters are very close, and a lot of the boats from last year fished in Ohio, so be sure to check regarding licensure requirements.

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