EA introduces Tweetports
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 14:27

EA is proud to announce Tweetports 1.0.  Tweetports are state-of-the-art interactive Twitter/Google Maps fishing reports.

Developed completely in-house EA has been busy behind the scenes introducing the latest combination of technologies utilizing Twitter and Google Maps to deliver interactive real-time reporting to the members of Educated Angler.  This is ground breaking technology, it includes some features that have never been combined in Twitter/Google Maps applications.

Tweetports supports a number of ways for our members to contribute information.

For those members who have GPS-enabled smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry, or Android) each Tweet (post on Twitter) is automatically geo-targeted with the location the report was made.  So if you're out on lake and want to post a quick update your location will be captured and included in the report and placed on the Google map at the exact Longitude/Latitude.

In development we realized that not everyone has a smart phone yet, so we included a Twitter technique call Hash-tagging.  Hash-tags are used within Tweets to indicate a searchable term and are indicated by the use of a # (hash) symbol.  So with some great effort we decided that we would include geo-targetted hash-tags to the Tweetports architecture.

Hash-tagging opens up Tweetports to every EA member, for those members with text capable phones hash-tag reports can be entered and they will appear at the geo-location (port)directly through Twitters capability to support any SMS or MMS text capable phone.  This also mean that members can place reports through the standard Twitter website (www.twitter.com) and have them appear on the interactive map.

For those who have been asking over the last couple of years for us to bring back Interactive Fishing reports this is the answer for you.

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