Ramblings of a Salmon Lover
Written by Keith Shisler - Educated Angler Field Staff   
Monday, 30 April 2007 18:29

How many of you have heard this conversation or something similar?

Wife’s friend Julie: My husband is a fishing fanatic.
Wife: Really, so is my husband, he makes his own flies.
Julie: No kidding, my John loves fly-fishing...maybe Keith could make some for him. He especially likes Mayfly imitations.
: Keith makes Trolling flies not fly rod flies.
Julie: Oh Keith trolls? That’s not “real” fishing.

I have had people say “trolling is easy, all you have to do is put out some lures and ride around”. I reply to that with, Yes and if all you will be doing is “riding around” you might get lucky and catch a fish.

How do you fight such reckless ignorance? I guess the question I really mean to ask is, How do we get recognition for our sport in the eyes of the general public?

It is true that the only experience much of the public has with salmon trolling the Great Lakes is on a charter boat catching fish after fish. They never see the thought, preparation, time, experience, and expertise necessary to make that happen. It would be a real boost to our sport if we could educate the public about what it really takes to excel. We might even get some television coverage of events. If we really want TV coverage.

Could TV be a “be careful what you wish for” situation?

My real point, if I have one is, it makes me sad that more people don’t appreciate the great bunch of anglers we have in our segment of the sport fishing world. It would be nice to see some of them get the recognition of say… a Bass Fisherman.

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