Keeping the faith
Written by Keith Shisler - Educated Angler Field Staff   
Tuesday, 05 June 2007 03:29

Just a few short weeks ago I experienced three skunks in a row and was getting down on myself. I second guessed my every move and was thinking all kinds of gloominess. It was the end of my career, good heavens! Three skunks in a row? How on earth had I come to this lowly station?

I guess part of the fault of my thinking was spawned from the prior three years running when I had no polecats at all. Hubris? Maybe I was starting to think I had it all figured out. Oh how the mighty have fallen.


Confidence is perhaps the biggest factor in fishing success.

I was starting to lose mine.
Then… Hallelujah
The vast schools of starving Coho arrived!

I have learned a few valuable lessons from this episode, namely,

  • Watch your ego: thinking you are getting to be a really good fisherman leads to a rude awakening when times get tough.
  • The sky is not falling: just because you aren’t catching limits today doesn’t mean you may not be tomorrow.
  • This too shall pass: all things come and go troubles and blessing alike
  • Don’t despair: If you aren’t catching fish it doesn’t necessarily mean you suck at fishing, maybe there aren’t many fish in the area at that time.

This year has been one of the best seasons I’ve ever had.  The people I have fished with and I have had doubles, triples, quadruples and even a quintuple the other day while we were running only 6 lines.The Coho action has been non stop with Kings to 12 lbs. Browns to 16 lbs. and Steelhead to 10 lbs.We have limited on ever trip but 2 out of 12 no matter how many fishermen were aboard.

I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m bragging, believe me I’m not, it is just to prove my point about not despairing when times are tough even if it is 3 skunks in a row.

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