The June Challenge
Written by Kyle Wogsland - Educated Angler Field Staff   
Tuesday, 05 June 2007 03:41

After recently losing a close relative it had me thinking of the impact you can have on a child’s life.  I had two grandpas that used to take me along fishing and I think I can blame them for getting me hooked.  Some of my fondest childhood memories were when I would go visit my grandparents as they lived across the road from the Wolf River.  There location made it really easy for a young child like me to go fishing. 

Image From the time I was about eight until I was sixteen I would walk across the road and spend my day on the dock catching a mix of every species.  This was so much fun but what really made it great was that my grandparents would make it memorable for me.  They would bring me breakfast, lunch, and dinner down on the dock, other than the occasional trip up to the house to sleep and dig some worms; I could spend a week out on the dock. 

They made a huge impact on my life and once I could drive, I would bring a friend up and we would leave from the same spot only this time with a canoe.  Not much changed except we covered a bit more water, used a few more lures, and still had a great time.  My love for fishing and the great times I had with them kept us close until my grandfather passed. 

This got me thinking that for the month of June it sure would be neat if we could all try and make a difference.  I challenge all of our members to take a kid fishing, see if you can make an impact.  If we could even get a hundred people to do it, it would be amazing. 

Image If you don’t know of any kids that could use a good day on the water about them, contact and see if there’s a kid in your area that could use a friend.  I know you will be glad you did. 

If you’re in the Two Rivers, WI area we will be taking several kids out fishing on June 30th followed by a picnic.  Please contact me through Private Messenger if you want more details. 

Just think of the smile you can put on these kids and what an impact you can make.

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