Ten Tips for Taking Rookies Fishing
Written by Mike Curreri - Educated Angler Field Staff   
Saturday, 31 March 2007 16:00
  1. Pick a port where action should be hot.  If you’re reading this, you know how to use the Internet, so use it to find some good fishing. 
  2. Weather.  Pick a nice day.  Odds are rookies aren’t gung-ho types or they wouldn’t still be rookies. 
  3. Consider late morning or an afternoon trip for the same reasoning as #2.
  4. Trolling vs. drifting vs. sitting on an anchor.  I have a good friend that just can not take the motion of the boat while drifting for walleyes or sitting on an anchor for perch.  He does OK trolling, but still gets ill easily. 
  5. Be prepared to cut the trip short.  If someone is getting seasick, no sense torturing them, they sure won’t want to go out again.
  6. Consider setting up close to port.  Some folks get uncomfortable when the shoreline is just a grey line out on the horizon.
  7. It’s not a tournament; don’t get upset when fish get lost.
  8. Let the rookies reel in all the fish.  If you have the boat, you can reel them in anytime.  This is especially true for kids.  Let them reel in fish until their arms hurt.
  9. Let them net the fish.  They may as well learn early.  I took one of my nieces along with my mom and her friend once last year.  Funny how bifocals will screw up netting fish.  We lost a half dozen due to vision problems before putting my niece on netting duty.
  10. Consider a charter.  This may be the best way to get it done.  Plenty of good ones out there.  Just ask people you trust for recommendations.
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