Asian Carp Invasion Receives Attention from Supreme Court
Written by The Cap Times   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 18:18
Supreme Court justices are expected to confer behind closed doors on whether to issue an injunction to close the locks in the Illinois River to curb a purported infestation of Asian carp in the waterway.

On a boat ride through the Illinois River in 2005, Prairie State residents Betty and Kenny Deford said that at least 30 fish had jumped into their boat, threatening to sink the vessel and leaving the couple covered with blood and slime, the Cap Times reports.

In December, the State of Michigan filed a lawsuit against the State of Illinois and has received support from other Great Lakes territories, including Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin and Ontario.

The plaintiffs contend that closing the locks would help prevent the spread of the Asian carp, an invasive species, which has already made its way into the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers, and threatens to disturb the $7 billion fishing industry in the Great Lakes Region, according to the Cap Times.

However, Illinois Senator Richard Durbin told the New York Times that closing the waterways could cause severe economic problems for the state's shipping industry and flood thousands of homes.
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