Supreme Court doesn’t take action today on Asian carp
Written by Detroit Free Press   
Saturday, 16 January 2010 11:50
The U.S. Supreme Court, which met today in a closed conference, took no action on the Michigan attorney general’s request for an injunction to shut down Chicago-area locks to keep Asian carp out. The court is closed Monday. No dates are set for the court to decide on the injunction or even whether to accept the case.

Michigan is seeking to reopen a case first filed in 1922 by the state of Wisconsin against Illinois over the building of a shipping canal that diverted water from Lake Michigan. Four states — Wisconsin, New York, Minnesota and Ohio — have joined Michigan asking for a shutdown to protect the Great Lakes from bighead and silver carp, which are considered to be voracious feeders that could wreck the lakes’ ecosystem. Illinois and the U.S. government oppose Michigan’s request and say the case should not be heard by the Supreme Court, but by a lower court.

Evidence of Asian carp has been found within a mile of Lake Michigan at the Wilmette pumping station north of Chicago, as well as the O’Brien lock leading to Lake Michigan. Barge operators and marinas argue closing the locks would severely restrict their business, while Michigan and other states say their fishing and tourism industries would be harmed if carp move in.

"We are very pleased with the response we are getting from people concerned about the Great Lakes and look forward to the Supreme Court's decision,” said John Sellek, spokesman for Cox. Cox set up a Web site to urge Great Lakes residents to push for action against carp.
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