Supreme Court Sets Asian Carp Issue Aside
Written by WKZO AM 590   
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 09:18
The U.S. Supreme Court had been set to take action on the state of Michigan's lawsuit brought against the state of Illinois as the two battle over whether or not to close shipping locks that lead to the Great Lakes in order to halt the invasion of the Asian carp.  Currently, no date has been set on taking any action on the matter, but Michigan's Attorney General says he is still focused on the issue.

Attorney General Mike Cox says Illinois claims they'll suffer economically if the locks are closed, preventing ships from passing.  However, he says while Illinois might suffer by about 30-million dollars, the damage to other states could be far greater if the locks aren't closed--costing Michigan up to 4-billion dollars in economic activity.  He says they've put up a petition online for anyone wanting to add their name to the long list of those that would like the locks closed to stop the invasive fish.
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