Thousands of Jobs Hang in the Balance as Asian Carp Found Past Barriers
Written by Attorney General Mike Cox   
Wednesday, 23 June 2010 20:26
Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox says that the worst fears of the Great Lakes states were realized today after Illinois authorities announced a Bighead Asian Carp was found in Lake Calumet, past all barriers and locks and within striking distance of Lake Michigan.

"Our worst fears were realized with the discovery of Asian carp near the Great Lakes," said Cox.  "Responsibility for this potential economic and ecological disaster rests solely with President Obama.  He must take action immediately by ordering the locks closed and producing an emergency plan to stop Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan."

Cox said that his office is in the process of considering new legal action to protect the Great Lakes because President Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers have simply refused to take the threat seriously, as evidenced by their recent decisions to push back or eliminate proposals made earlier to close the locks even part-time.

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