Jay Yelas - Jigging
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Saturday, 24 April 2004 06:58
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Jay Yelas - Jigging
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Jay Yelas gave a lesson on fishing with a Jig, the bottomline is that Jay will always try to make a jig work - whenever possible.

ImageJay believes that his biggest fish come using a jig - whether flipping or pitching heavy cover, laydowns, stump fields, grass beds, and rip-rap.

  • typical cover - horizontal 2" to 3" frog style trailer
  • cooler clear water - pork rind - Uncle Josh's #11

Strategy and Technique

Strategically Jay's first cast in an area always goes to the best looking area, working it thoroughly before going to secondary areas.? Let your jig?go all the way to the bottom and work it slow on the bottom - if you think your working it slow - SLOW DOWN.? Jay's hit percentages are:

  • 40% initial drop
  • 40% on first hop

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