Big Water Techniques for Smallmouth
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Thursday, 29 April 2004 14:38
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Big Water Techniques for Smallmouth
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personal notes from Bassmaster University 2004, Lansing, MI

Jeff Snyder is a tournament fisherman and outdoor writer who lives near and grew up fishing Lake Erie for smallmouth bass.? Jeff presented insights into his techniques for fishing big and sometimes nasty?water for smallmouths.? If you ever fished Lake Erie you know that it's like most thing?around the great lakes - if you don't like the weather - wait an hour.? Lake Erie can be a calm docile lady and she can change her mood in the blink of an eye and become one wicked wench.

Always make sure you have the proper equipment when fishing big water - that includes a properly sized boat, sea anchors, long lines for towing, and emergency equipment (flares, vhf radio, etc.)?in casr you need to?call for help.? Don't get caught on the big water un-prepared; they aren't called the Great Lakes for nothing.? That being said, if you are confident in your boat handling abilities and seamanship, like Jeff, you can fish most days and Lake Erie offers trophy-sized smallmouths for your efffort.


ImageWhen fishing Lake Erie?or other big bodies of water think "super-size it", not because the fish are larger, but because the water is deeper, swifter, and wavier (is that a word - we'll go with it).? For those who have not fished big waters it is probably closer to fishing a swift moving river than a lake.? This also explains why Lake Erie is so productive for smallies - check out the anatomy of a smallmouth versus a largemouth, smallies are built for speed (top image).


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