Feather-tail worm
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Saturday, 24 July 2004 08:09

Personal Notes from Bassmaster University, Lansing, MI

Danny Joe Humphrey described this one - it's an effective addition to fishing a texas-rigged worm.? Especially useful when you are getting light bites, it spices up the presentation and gets the fish that aren't taking the whole worm.



Step?One:? Take a worm and trim off a bit of the tail.

Step Two:? Take a piece of 17# monofilament line and snell to a texas-rig hook.? Based on the length of your worm tie a feather treble hook leaving a little slack in the line.


Step Three:? Rig the worm texas-style leaving the hook exposed if possible, but skin hooking it is ok also.? The mono trailer hook should be hanging free.

Step Four:? Insert the trailer feather treble into the cut-off tail of the worm.


There you have it - give it a try seems like a pretty slick rig to use.

Danny Joe uses:

  • 6.5" worm
  • #4 or #6 treble hook
  • appropriate size texas-rig hook
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