DNR Stopping Boaters at Access Points
Written by NBC 15 Madison   
Friday, 30 June 2006 18:12

The Department of Natural Resources is concerned about your boat once it's out of the water. All this weekend, DNR wardens are educating boaters about invasive species. Boaters often accidentally transport invaders to new lakes and rivers, by not cleaning their boats.

The DNR says the number of Wisconsin lakes with invasive species is still small, but growing.

"There's a lot of different invasive species that give us concern but the big two for Wisconsin's inland freshwater lakes are milfoil and zebra mussel," says Scott Hassett, Secretary of Wisconsin DNR.

Hasset says to make sure you hose down your boat every time you use it, and if possible, let it dry for five days before launching in a different lake.

State law requires people to clean their boats before and after launch. The first citation carries a fine of about $150.

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