JAL's Dry Rub Salmon
Written by JAL   
Monday, 10 January 2005 05:54
No brine...dry rubbed.? This is a simple recipe, I have no set amounts of the ingredients - it is mainly by feel sort of thing.
Skin and trim fresh or previously frozen fish fillets. Give the fish a generous sprinkling of seasoned salt, rub a tablespoon or so of brown sugar over the fillet. Do both sides. Salt and sugar tend to liquify, and the excess will run off if you have used to much (the voice of experience speaks here! If there is a little excess it is no problem, and you will get a feeling as to what works))
You can add exta black pepper or other spices if you like.
The fillets are cut to smoking size, then glazed and smoked as usual. This simple recipe speeds up the processing time and is surprisingly consistant in both taste and texture. After cooling the fish can be placed into a plastic bag and allowed to rest in the fridg for a day or two. This will even out the water content and it will also dry it out more if the bag is left open.

I have been experimenting and have found that by adding a tablespoon of A-1 Sweet and Tangy Steak Sause gives the fish a pleasent tangy taste.
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