Smoked salmon with sea fruits and cooked in garlic prawns salad
Written by EITB.24 (Spain)   
Sunday, 13 March 2005 02:13

A little international flavor from Spain - sure sounds good to me.

Ingredients: (4 people) 8 smoked salmon slices, 12 chopped prawns, 100 grs. cooked and chopped mussels, 100 grs. cleaned crab, 2 Tablespoons Rio Viejo (wine), 2 tablespoons pink sauce, 1 canned sea urchin caviar, 3 dcl olive oil, 1 dcl apple vinegar, lettuce bouquet, 16 pealed and candied in garlic oil prawns, 1 spring onion, 1 clove of garlic.

Preparation: Poach Onion and chopped garlic, add the 12 chopped prawns, the mussels and the crab, flamb? with rio Viejo, let it to cool down, add the pink sauce. Extend the smoked salmon slices, distribute the stuff and make little rolls. Add the olive oil to the sea urchin caviar can and mix strongly, cook in a saucepan the 16 prawns cooked in garlic with their oil slightly.

Montage: Put in a plate the salmon rolls, on one side the lettuce bouquet dressed with sea urchin vinaigrette, put the prawns on the top, sprinkle with vinaigrette. It can be accompanied with smoked salmon roe.

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