Salmon Fishing - September 03, 2004
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Tuesday, 07 September 2004 11:49

ImageWe finally got some good weather out of Ludington this weekend, actually our warmest summer weekend and it's in September (that's Michigan for ya).? We are still getting used to fishing the new boat, our reaction time needs to improve and?our catch ratio needs to increase.??We left out of the Harbor mouth straight out?and set-up in roughly 100' of water.? We had four on board Tiara3600, H2OHazard, Hootie, and Tim.? We may have stayed up a little late and we?got out a little on the late side.? (Picture:? Hootie and Tim.? Fish On!)

The Program ...

  • 2?Slide Divers
    • Black SpinDoctor/Blue bubble fly
    • White-glow SpinDoctor/White bloody-nose fly
  • 2 Half-cores
    • Magnum Blue Easter Egg Silver Streak
    • Green-crackle SpinDoctor/Green seaweed fly
  • 3 downriggers w/ sliders
  • Full-core center


The spoon program worked well running a mix of Silver Streaks, Dreamweaver, Pro-King, and Yecks.? The colors that got action.?

  • Blue-glow naked frog
  • Lemon ice
  • Malibu barbie
  • Green dolphin
  • Wart frog

Fish were coming very deep on downriggers which is a little strange this time of the season.? Kings have not pushed up in Pere Marquette (PM) Lake and are still holding deep.? Typically this time of year we would be catching most of our fish under 100' of water.? Big Kings still showing silver - some are dark but still out deep.? The water temp is still very warm deep - fish cam on riggers that were 85' to 115' down.? Radio chatter indicated some as deep as 125' - 140'.

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