Salmon and steelhead smolts get no respect
Written by Chinook Observer   
Wednesday, 22 February 2006 13:11

Confirming a section of our article a couple of weeks ago about the damaging effects of cormorants on the young salmon and steelhead populations, last week the Chinook Observer published an even more damaging report from the Columbia Basin Bulletin.

The 2005 Draft Research Summery (Columbia River Bird Research) places the 2004 breeding population at 12,287 pairs — that’s only breeding pairs. The total combined estimate of smolt eaten by cormorants and Caspian terns in 2005 is 10 million. Ten million smolt — gone!

Remember, generally only around 1 percent of all the smolt that reaches the ocean return to spawn.

Let’s get to the bottom line here. Wolves are protected, grizzly bears and cougars are protected, as well as cormorants, Caspian terns and many other species. But when they are a threat to the existence of certain other species, they are culled (killed).

It’s time to get on with the job of protecting our most precious natural resource in the Northwest — salmon and steelhead.
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