Low-light fishing should boost catch
Written by Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter   
Thursday, 06 July 2006 14:33

Fishing action from Two Rivers to Manitowoc can still be rated on the upper side of fair to good, but it depends on who you are and where you went. Some boats are coming in with limit catches upwards to 20 fish, while others struggle for just a few.

Surface water temperatures seem to be playing a big role and the lake seems to be moving everyday. Tuesday afternoon the water was 63 degrees in front of the pier heads, but by Wednesday morning it was 55 and full of bait.

I received reports of 49-degree water off the north tower. Try to find these surface breaks and fish them hard. With the cooler water near the beach it might be the place to be this coming weekend. Reports of large schools of bait and kings feeding off the surface in only 25-35 feet of water.

Cool City Charters struggled a little last week, but kept a decent eight fish per trip average. We basically fished a little north of Two Rivers working 60-110 feet of water.

Last Friday morning we pre-fished for the Northeastern Wisconsin Salmon Derby being held in Manitowoc. As we got clear of the pier heads we just picked a spot on the horizon with no lights. We ended up between the cities and set up in 60 feet of water, excellent action kept us busy and had a limit of 20 kings and rainbows by 10 a.m.

On Saturday, the Super Derby had a 5 a.m. start. Almost everybody went north, but a few of us headed south. The morning started slow, but by 10:40 a.m. we had our 15 fish limit, enough to win the 32nd Annual Super Derby with over 156 pounds.

It was one of those days when everything went right. We only had 17 hits, but put 15 in the box. I want to thank my boys Jeremy and Kevin, and Adam Vallesky for a great job.

Tip of the week — Don't be afraid to get out of bed a little sooner. If your an afternoon fisherman, plan on keeping your lines in the water after 9 p.m. The low-light feeding binge is really starting to heat up. Excellent action is starting just before dawn and just after sunset.

Best baits for the low light action are baits by Moonshine. These high quality super glow baits are a must. Some of my favorites are the Jacksmelt, Bloody Nose, Flounder Pounder, and Peppermint.

A good selection of these baits can be found at Seagull Marina and Ernest Reel Marine, at Riverfront Beer and Liquor, or check them out on my Web site under "Lures Used."

Good luck and good fishing.

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