Manistee Splash
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Tuesday, 31 July 2007 17:03

The Mansitee Salmon Splash was held on July 28th and 29th out of Manistee Michigan with a total of 76 boats - 43 Am and 33 Pro. Controversy surrounding the tribal commercial fishing nets leading up to the tournament seems to have affected the turnout with seemingly light turnout in both the AM and Pro divisions although the nets didn't play a part in the fishing over the weekend event.  Hardwork by the Mansitee Area Charterboat Association, Tournament Trail, Manistee County Sportfishing Association, and others produced well listed positions of the nets and separation of the tournament from tribal related sponsors such as the Little River Casino.

Prefishing weather produced excellent catches but again as the previous weekend changing winds moved the fish around and limit catches were tough to come by with only 3 Ams and 4 Pros bringing limit catches to the scales on both days.

Pros and Ams alike found fish one day only to return to the spot and not be able to produce limits on the next day.  Winds shifted around blowing from South to North to East and around again moving the water around again.

In the Pro Division Trout Scout III was able to put together back to back limits to produce two good boxes with a total of 444.85, followed by Best Chance Too and Finsation. AMs saw two limit boxes come in for the first three places with Fish Fingers pulling off the victory at 391.7 followed by Sweet Cherry and Almost Paradise.

The Big Boys only tournament within the tournament went to Best Chance Too with a $10,000 win on the big boys side bet of $1,000 each per Pro boat. Netminder and Shirley B followed in seocnd and third taking the rest of the money as 20 Pro teams competed.

Salmon Splash - Full Results

333 saw Off Call take the port championship with a 51.40 three fish weight and Fish Caller taking the big fish with a 19.65 king.

333 - Full Results


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