EA 3.0 Quick Reference
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Thursday, 29 January 2009 09:53

Take a few minutes to read the five steps in this Quick Reference to get up and going on the New Educated Angler.


Step #1: Log In


We have migrated your username and password from the old site to the new site so if you have it memorized in your browser it should still be recognized.  If it's not just use the username and password that you've always used.  If you have forgotten your password or for that matter your username please use the system to help you recover it by clicking the forgot your password? or forgot your username? links in the Login window.


Step #2: Profile


Now that you're logged in select My Profile from the Community menu and fill in your profile information.  Fill in as much as you feel comfortable with, but please fill in your location information including City/Town, State/Province, and Country because this information is used for geo-location such as mapping your friends network via Goggle Maps automatically.


Step #3: Friends


Start building your friends network. Select the Community Homepage by clicking the Community menu.  From the Community Homepage select the Friend menu and use the search feature to find someone by name or their EA username and then go to their profile and invite them as a friend by clicking the Add as Friend link.


Step #4: Groups


Check out the Groups and join the ones that look interesting to you.  Some groups maybe be open to the public; others are private and your join request will have to be approved by the Group Owner.  As an EA member you can create as many of your own groups as you want, there is no restriction, check out the Help for more information on creating, working with, and managing Groups.


Step #5: Have Fun!


Check out the rest of the site,  It's worth spending some time checking out the help system to get you familiar with all of the new features of Educated Angler including

  • Video hosting
  • YouTube integration
  • Improved Message Boards
  • Chat
  • and many other community-related features


If you have problems remembering your login and getting connected please drop us a line by selecting Contact Us from the Help menu.

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