Flint River Valley Steelheaders Fishing and Boat Show
Written by Greg Houtteman   
Sunday, 06 March 2005 03:23
It was great to meet a bunch of Educated Angler members at the Fish and Boat Show held in Birch Run, MI.

A great time was had by all and a big thank you goes to our farthest traveling member blucrop who came all the way from Chicago.? Now that is the definition of a dedicated, shall I say addicited, salmon fisherman taking a 5 hour cruise to come to the show.? Way to go Ken!

Special thanks goes to Big Papa Sportfishing (www.bigpapasportfishing.com) who continues to support EA by allowing us to post signs, hand out cards and stickers, and for completing hats and polar fleeces so we could proudly strut the show floor.? Way to go Bob and Carolyn!

We send thanks out to Purple Taco (www.purpletacoflies.com)?who also allowed us to spread some stickers and cards out in his booth.? Also for affording use the opportunity to learn how to tube and pack fly bodies LOL.? We had a EA production line going while Capt. Curt was getting slammed selling - Salmonhead, Whaler, WingNut (until he disappeared :-D ), and?I were jamming flies in tubes - whcih isn't as easy as it sounds.? Way to go Curt!

We met many members including Stedfast and his son AJ, HappyGoLucky and his daughter Ellen, Verdict working the Pursuit Sports booth, Tales2Spin (who gets the lightest wallet award), Candyman, Puckstop, PurpleTaco,?Chip77, WingNut, FLATRATE, Salmonhead, Whaler, Greg,?BigPapa, blucrop, and I sure I? missed a couple.

Thanks for supporting Educated Angler and it was great time talking fishing and being surrounded by boats and fishing gear.

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