Alien threat to native salmon and trout
Written by Grampian TV   
Friday, 19 August 2005 10:57
Fishery experts have warned that Scotland's wild salmon and trout populations are under threat. A foreign invader which is colonising the nation?s waterways is decimating native species.

There's something lurking beneath the tranquil waters of Scotland's rivers. It's an alien species which has invaded our waterways and threatens to wipe out the country's salmon and trout populations. And this is the culprit - a North American Signal Crayfish.

It's not native to our country, and it's certainly not a welcome guest. Fisheries experts are so concerned about the devastating effect they're having on our rivers - that they've called on the Scottish Executive to declare war on them.

They want to see these colonising crustaceans eradicated from Scotland's waterways for good. But the Rivers and Fisheries Trust of Scotland say the Executive have so far failed dismally to address the crayfish threat.

In a written response to the criticism the Executive today said: "Scottish Natural Heritage and Fisheries Research Services have both been active in investigating ways to remove or control these animals, including taking part in exercises to attempt eradication."

But fishery boffins say that unless more effective action is taken soon it'll take more than a blessing of whisky for fishermen to hook a salmon or a trout from Scotland's rivers.

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