Hatchery up and running
Written by Michigan City News Dispatch   
Saturday, 04 November 2006 10:46

All is well at Mixsawbah State Fish Hatchery near Kingsbury, one of two state facilities that produce salmon and trout for Lake Michigan.

The 30-year old hatchery recently came back online after a 11-month shut down for major upgrades.

“Everything pretty much went as anticipated,” hatchery manager Tom Schwartz said.

“The important thing is we were able to plan and control the replacing of equipment instead of dealing with a breakdown (which was imminent according to state officials). That could of cost us a couple of years of fish instead of a smaller reduction in stocking numbers.”

Badly worn pipes and pumps were replaced while new technology was incorporated, particularly to help with water aeration and quality.

Schwartz and hatchery officials had reworked production schedules between Mixsawbah and Bodine Hatchery in Mishawaka to minimize the impact of the shutdown by cutting down on the total number of fish produced and/or stocking them at a smaller size.

“We should be back to capacity this spring,” Schwartz said. “We have our coho eggs and should be getting chinook (eggs) from Bodine soon.”

Annual production goals for Mixsawbah, which primarily produces fish to be stocked in Trail Creek and the Litttle Calumet River, include 150,000 coho, 220,000 chinook, 120,000 winter-run steelhead and 180,000 summer-run steelhead.

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