Carp barrier funding seen as essential
Written by Wisconsin Radio Network   
Friday, 11 November 2005 17:24

A DNR official says funding for an invasive species barrier is crucial. DNR Great Lakes Fisheries Specialist, Bill Horns, says the entry of a couple of plankton feeding species of Asian Carp into Lake Michigan will likely have far reaching implications, though exactly what remains unclear. "It's really impossible to know how that will play out, and which parts of the Great Lakes system . . . would be most affected," said Horns.

A brand new, multimillion dollar electric carp barrier is set to open on Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, but a congressional conference committee voted this week not to authorize the projected 250-thousand dollars needed to keep the volts flowing into the giant carp zapper. "We have an opportunity to put a plug in the dike . . with an electric barrier," said Horns. "I would think we'd want to do whatever we can to make that thing work."

The congressional decision puts operating expenses for the barrier back on the state of Illinois. In the meantime, a smaller experimental barrier remains in place.

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