Man Loses His Life After Falling From The Pier
Written by WZZM-13   
Friday, 02 December 2005 12:25

A 35 year old Grand Haven area man is missing following an accident on the pier at Grand Haven State Park.  Authorities say the man was walking with his father around 2pm taking photos of the waves when he slipped, fell, or was swept off.

The victim's father did try to rescue the man with the life rings on the pier. The man struggled but could not grab onto it. He went under quickly. WZZM 13 Meteorologist Joe Kopocek says the water temperature at the time of the accident was 40 degrees.

Divers spent two hours searching the water, but conditions were too severe and they called off the recovery effort.

There have been several deaths off the Grand Haven Pier over the years. Some wonder why a permanent solution hasn't been put into place.

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