Grand Haven Charter Boat Industry Economics 2005
Written by Charles Pistis, Michigan Sea Grant   
Tuesday, 15 August 2006 16:49

In the 2005 season, 1792 fishing charters took place out of Grand Haven area ports.  Charterboats took 7737 anglers fishing primarily on Lake Michigan.  902 (11.7%) of these anglers were Michigan non-residents.  Charterboat anglers caught 15,428 fish...almost exclusively salmon and trout.1

Grand Haven charterboats generated more than $857,000 in revenues for charter fees. 2, 3

It is estimated that charter anglers and their families spent an additional average of $168.44/person 4, 5 or a total of $1.30 million dollars in the Tri-Cities area.  These dollars were spent primarily on lodging, restaurants, groceries, auto gas, shopping and entertainment.


1 Wesander, D., 2005 Great Lakes Charterfishing Statistics, MDNR Fisheries Division, Great Lakes Fishery Research Station.

2 Currently the average charter fee is $450 per half day and $550 for full day charters.

3 A survey of 543 Michigan captains in 2002 indicated that charter operations run 71.6% half day charters and 28.4% full day charters.

4 In 1985 it was estimated that each charter angler spent $92.80 within 10 miles of their fishing port.  Mahoney, E., Brunke, M., and Pistis, C.  Michigan Charter Fishing Study, Michigan State University, Michigan Sea Grant.

5 1985 dollars are converted to 2005 dollars using a Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation factor.

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